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Hello, Lime!

It's About Lime!

We’re thrilled to welcome our 10th Spindrift flavor. It’s been a long time coming and we’re so excited to share it with the world.

Spindrift Lime

Just real squeezed lime and sparkling water.

We have a knack for taking on things that seem simple but are actually pretty complex. Spindrift, itself, is like that. We were the first ones to use real squeezed fruit to flavor sparkling water. The idea is simple – you just squeeze fruit into carbonated water. But working with real ingredients is anything but easy.

Our latest and greatest innovation is deceivingly complex, too. Lime. It’s just real squeezed lime and sparkling water. We even named it simply. It all seems so easy. But it’s not quite.

No one has done this before! There are plenty of lime-flavored things – but sparkling water with fresh, real squeezed lime? This is a first. Yup.

Spindrift Lime

Good things take lime

We wanted Spindrift Lime to taste exactly like when you squeeze a fresh wedge of lime into club soda – crisp and refreshing. We just did all the squeezing for you.

Our community of Spindrift fans has wanted Lime for a while. In fact, Lime is our most-requested flavor. As our founder & CEO, Bill said, “We’ve long had a Lemon flavor and a Raspberry Lime flavor – but fans wanted a tried-and-true Lime Spindrift. Lime is actually the most popular flavor in the sparkling water category, but no one has made it with fresh squeezed lime juice. We knew we had to make a Lime.”

We needed to have Lime in our lineup. And, after lots of exploration, trial, and error, we’ve got it. And, better yet, we love it!

We cannot wait for you to try it. It’s so bright, refreshing, and endlessly drinkable. A perfect drink to have anytime, anywhere. You can drink it straight or mix it up. (There’s roughly 1 million cocktails we can think – and intend – to make with it).

Spindrift Lime