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Introducing Lemonade!

Introducing: our first-ever line of Unsweetened Lemonade Sparkling Waters.

From roadside stands to porch-side pitchers, the very thought of Lemonade evokes warm memories of all the ways we’ve enjoyed this simple slice of Americana. So we’re bringing back Lemonade and putting our spin on it! We start with lemon, add a twist of lime, bring on the bubbles, but skip the sugar (because the nostalgia is sweet enough). In three classic flavors: Lemon Limeade, Pink Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade.


“We’re excited to introduce our newest flavor innovations to lemonade lovers and all of our loyal Drifters, who continue to inspire our real-fruit sparkling water vision,” said Bill Creelman, our founder and CEO.

“Lemonade is a classic beverage enjoyed by all. But with concerns about health and diet at an all-time high, we challenged ourselves to reimagine what this traditionally sugary drink could taste like with a Spindrift spin—real ingredients, uncompromised taste and legible calories. Each Lemonade flavor has a distinct and unforgettable flavor profile that will blow people away and make them do a double-take on the sugar content.”

If you’ve been following our journey, you probably know that creating new flavors of Spindrift is a bit more complex than what meets the eye. For us, real ingredients are everything - which means we have to work alongside mother nature to source the real fruit that’s squeezed into a can of Spindrift. We started our 2021 innovation process thinking that Lemon-Lime would be our big launch, but once we tasted the first batch there was no mistake - it tasted just like Lemonade. A lightbulb switched on and we started to explore the tangy possibilities. After going back to the drawing board, hunting down fruit farms, and tasting batch after batch, we landed on the three delicious Unsweetened Lemonade Sparkling Waters, in the quintessential childhood flavors.


“We’ve seen huge growth over the past decade; and this year, we’re coming out strong with flavor introductions and pushing the envelope on our real ingredient and sparkling water innovations that will ‘wow’ our community and tempt anyone who hasn’t yet discovered the unmistakable delicious taste of sparkling water made with real fruit to try it. This will be the first of two incredible innovations that fans of Spindrift have to look forward to this year,” says Bill.

We’ve been in awe of our incredible community for embracing our sparkling water and sharing with us all the ways they’ve included Spindrift in life’s moments. We’d be remiss if we didn’t give some love back to our dedicated Drifters. Don’t miss out, make sure you’re signed up for our Drifter newsletter and be on the lookout for info on how you can have the chance to taste the first batch next week.